The story of the Silicon Valley Land Conservancy is similar to many other Silicon Valley-based stories: it began with an idea well ahead of its time. In 1998, a group of dedicated citizens formed the Land Trust for Santa Clara County, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. This effort commenced as part of an overall plan to preserve and protect the remaining open space in Silicon Valley.  In June 2005, the Land Trust for Santa Clara County changed its name to the Silicon Valley Land Conservancy.

 From the beginning it was understood that there needed to be a private non-profit agency to provide the tools necessary to protect what remained of the natural habitat of the Silicon Valley.  Since that time, SVLC has collaborated with land owners, government agencies, and other organizations to protect much of the natural habitat and agricultural land of Silicon Valley.  SVLC has acquired, maintained, and preserved nearly 1,620 acres, a remarkable accomplishment given its small operating budget and staff.  Because of its non-government status, SVLC has been able to accomplish what no other organization in the Silicon Valley could do.